5 Key Tips to Developing a Dress-To-Impress Instagram Theme

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By now you might have noticed that Instagram has gone from a fun little app that allows you to share polaroid-type pictures with your friends to a mega-marketing tool used worldwide by individuals and businesses alike. Instagram is ever-expanding, relevant, and VITAL in solidifying an online presence, whether it’s for yourself, your [insert blog-type here], or your brand. That being said, with the rising popularity of Instagram it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and make your Instagram POP in a way that will resonate with your followers and is meaningful to your brand!

How do you do that, you may ask? Not to worry, as Social Media Mavens we have made it our job (literally) to figure out how you can stand out from your Insta competition. One of the first key steps in standing out from your fellow instagrammers is… (drumroll please)….THE BIG BAD INSTAGRAM THEME!

We are sure you have heard about it, and we are nearly positive you have thought about it and whether it's even worth it to increase followers and engagement. How does a simple theme hold so much power for your page? Well, let us enlighten you with our magical insight!

Your Instagram tells a unique, impactful story. Creating a cohesive theme allows your story to flow, making it more visually appealing to your audience, as well as easier to follow. The more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing your account appears, the more people will be intrigued and want to be a part of your stellar story. And let’s face it, the more satisfied viewership you receive, the more authentic community you will gain! Wins all around!

At first glance, new viewers will only see the first nine pictures on your account. This is why we say instagram is your virtual business card. In those first 9 photos, a viewer must understand your brand aesthetic, direction, and overall mood. It is within those first 9 images that you are in essence selling yourself to your future following! The best news is--if you have taken the time to carefully curate a theme to your content, your page will look clean and cohesive, and you will instantly look like a professional Instagram connoisseur (soon people will be coming to you for advice!).

So HOW exactly do you develop a cohesive theme on Instagram? Below we have included our 5 key tips to developing a dress-to-impress Instagram theme!

1.      A Killer Color Palette- First and foremost, it is key that you select a color scheme that represents you and the overall lifestyle of your brand. We suggest creating an authentic color palette of 6 key colors to utilize as a guide for the photos in your feed. Below we have included examples of cohesive Instagram color palettes that are clear and flow seamlessly. Let’s be real, we all love a fierce page that is killing the game in terms of color consistency!

Get color happy with the big, bold hues on @diwadoll's Instagram!

Get color happy with the big, bold hues on @diwadoll's Instagram!

The fabulous @carlycristman offers her followers a palette full of cool, grey tones!

The fabulous @carlycristman offers her followers a palette full of cool, grey tones!

2.      Image Variety, and lots of it!- The next top priority is to ensure you use a variety of imagery throughout your feed. THEME MYTH: In order to have a consistent look, all of your imagery has to be exactly the same. It is actually key to NOT follow this misleading advice and instead utilize a variety of different kinds of imagery across your account. From lifestyle shots to scenery images to flat lays to selfies to styled food snaps to product and outfit shots…there are plenty of options that will help to create a lifestyle rhythm to your account! You may have a ton of great imagery from one photoshoot, but it is important to splice up this content and space it out with other types of imagery mixed in between for the maximum output on your account.

3.      Showcase an Authentic Lifestyle- Be sure that the imagery you select truly represents the lifestyle of you and your brand. One thing that is for certain on Instagram is your readers will be able to read right through your inauthenticity. In order to seem relatable to viewers, you MUST be authentic. For example, if you are an earthy California based brand that embraces going to the beach and drinking kale smoothies, it may not be the best idea to post a photo of a high fashion woman decked out in Chanel at the Eiffel Tower. Be smart with the imagery you choose to post. Be true to yourself and own it! (Or else beware of being called out--trust us, it happens!)

4.      The Edit- NO MORE FILTERING!—A very key part of making your theme look cohesive is in the edit of your photos. Do you lean towards high or low contrast? Bright or more muted? Grainy or soft and smooth? All of these details are key for photo selection and photo editing. Contrary to popular belief, our recommendation is to NOT filter any of your photos, but to rather edit them in an easy to use application, such as our favorite, Snapseed (we swear it is like Photoshop for your phone!). Listen to us when we say that it is a bit of an Instagram faux-pas to use the preset Instagram filters. Everyone does it, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to! Be yourself and make your photos your own by editing them using a tool where you have so much more control.  We promise you, it’s worth it.

5. Developing a Consistent Voice- In order to authentically connect with your following, you must be consistent. Whether you or someone else on your team is running your Instagram account, it is vital to create a consistent voice for all captions, replies, and overall photo aesthetic. YES indeed, even your photos have a voice! If you are a person who smiles all the time, it would not be wise to showcase only serious photos with a glaring air of stark coldness. Are you warm + upbeat? Classy and refined? Serious and intellectual? Dive into the overall voice you are trying to reflect and be consistent with this set persona as you develop your account.

Overall, your Instagram theme is a reflection of who you are and should embody your authentic self and what you can offer to others. Be dynamic, unique, innovative, and most importantly, be TRUE TO YOU! We cannot wait to see how our 5 tips to creating a successful Instagram theme transforms the way you think and envision the theme of your Instagram. Happy sprucing!


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