Tom and Teddy

Hey y’all!

Summer might be coming to an end, but Tom and Teddy will keep you in beach mode all year round! This super cool brand offers UV-protected swimwear for men and boys that is bold, durable, and uber-comfortable. Whether you’re lounging on a beach towel, playing volleyball, or diving into the waves for some action, this is the swimwear that will make you feel protected and stylish. Created by two Aussies and inspired by Australian beaches, Tom and Teddy is dressing dads and sons all over the world’s finest beaches.

We had a blast shooting in Miami Beach with the amazing Patrick (@patrickvannegri) in his Tom and Teddy suit! Patrick has the kindest heart. We absolutely love that on our KaitKat journey we get to meet wonderful influencers around the world...that makes doing this “job" that much more rewarding! Check out some images from the shoot below, and make sure to give @tomandteddy some love. Now let’s go have some fun in the sun!


Kait and Kat


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