Rachel Roy

Loves! We need some more Rachel Roy in our lives. The stunning Rachel has been empowering women to lead unique and limitless lives through courage, conviction, and change for more than a decade. She’s a truly talented motivational speaker and designer... and basically the complete definition of everything #GirlBoss. We were honored to be able to shoot her beautiful beachwear collection in Miami this summer. Not only did we get to lounge in her swimwear, we also got to dress up our poolside looks with beyond beautiful jewels from her line! What made our day even better was that we had lovely Miss Gianna (@giannafae) by our side! Holistic coach, personal trainer, and swimsuit maven, Gianna brought the best energy to this shoot! 

Princesses for the day? We sure were!

Rachel Roy creates timeless pieces tailored to both slim and curvy women. Her line epitomizes her values and mission, making women feel confident, empowered, and ready to conquer their world. We love that Rachel prides herself on creating clothing for EVERY woman. 

As two women in the start-up business world, we rally behind Rachel whole-heartedly. We believe that women need to encourage each other to take risks, break molds, and pursue dreams. The stakes are always high when you follow your heart, but the outcome is worth-it. As we continue our KaitKat journey, we hope to make a difference--as Rachel has--in the lives of women in our community; we hope to inspire you to challenge yourself and to pursue whatever will give meaning to your life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, suggestions, or any advice that you might need…as Rachel says, “kindness is always fashionable,” and we want to spread kindness to YOU because you deserve it. 

With love always,

Kait & Kat 


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