We have a very important question for you—have you ever experienced the frustration of losing an earring back? Or even worse, the sadness of losing your beloved earring because you lost an earring back?

If you are like us, and this tragedy strikes, you probably end up retracing your steps in hopes of finding that tiny, little sparkly gem to no avail. Well, we have BIG news for you…say hello to CHRYSMELA, the ingenious & most secure earring back that locks your beauty in place! Cheers to securing your style!

How does it work? Chrysmela secures your earring in two ways: first, three micro ball bearings hold the earring post tightly in place behind your ear. Secondly, the earring backs grip onto the end of the earring post, essentially acting like a safety net. It’s pretty incredible how such a small piece of hardware can make all the difference to your earring game.


Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! You can check out their  website and their fabulous Instagram to witness this GENIOUS (and the gorgeous Influencers who are rocking the goods--see pics below)!

It’s crystal clear that Chrysmela is the perfect solution for keeping your earrings where they belong.

With Rosé & Confetti,

Kait & Kat 
















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