Anne Sisteron

Calling all beautiful babes! Oy vey, we cannot even begin to describe our obsession with Anne and her beyond AMAZING jewelry line! We have done multiple shoots with her, and the awe just doesn't stop rolling. From earrings, to rings, to bracelets, Anne's line offers unique pieces for a luxurious lifestyle. You can shop her line straight from her Instagram here--how easy is that?

We have been so blessed to partner with Anne Sisteron. This opportunity has allowed us to work with ridiculously cool influencers (Hiiii @katetik, @simplementstonge, @paytonsartain, @sarah_najafi) AND perfect our flatly game! Holding the dainty pieces in our hands makes us so giddy but also a little nervous...such precious jewelry! 

Go! Check out the oh-so-pretty jewels that Anne creates and give her tons of love!


Kait & Kat

Kait Kat