Electric Picks

Hi Y’all!! We just know you are going to fall in love big time with Electric Picks like we already have!! We are so blown away by the creativity behind these jewelry pieces. So vibrant, so unique, so fun. All of the jewels are named after songs or lyrics. ALL of them, you guys!! So amazing! I don't know about you, but about 5 of my favorite song lyrics just popped in my head.. ;) Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, ohh myyy. Just be prepared to be blown away! These pieces are made by the best from the best, using the most luxurious semiprecious stones. Wow wow wow, Electric Picks is singing our song!! 

We had the best time shooting these fab pieces with designers Mj & Chantel. These ladies are just as colorful and beautiful as the pieces they create. We made sure to capture the true So Cal vibe of this collection; bohemian, feminine, and laid back. 

Mj & Chantel are a dream team!! With Chantel’s background in fashion design and merchandising and Mj’s love of music and fashion they fused together to produce Electric Picks. It is so evident that these ladies love and have so much fun with what they do. Girl bosses at its best. These music loving ladies haven't missed a beat!

Kait & Kat 


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