Cindy Karen

Hi lovelies! Okay, we here at KaitKat can not contain our excitement about the amazing clothing line that is Cindy Karen! Cindy Karen completely embodies the idea of comfort, style, and everything classy. To be quite honest, every piece is perfect for just about any woman! When there are comfortable and chic pieces ranging from skirts, dresses, blazers, and tops that can easily travel and be mixed and matched with other peices, how could you not be amazed? Want to know a little secret?! We have tried on the majority of this collection ourselves... and we are thoroughly impressed! Actually, it made it that much harder returning the garments to the designer [don’t worry though, we did!].

Designer Cindy Karen is an amazing powerhouse woman and we LOVE the inspiration behind her line. She has such an incredible story to tell! Growing up in a family of aviation entrepreneurs, she formed a desire to see others pursue a life of travel and adventure all while helping them do so in the most comfortable and chicest way possible. Her line truly reflects her vision and is taking traveling style to new heights [pun intended]!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Cindy Karen as we have produced multiple lifestyle shoots for her as well as all of her ecommerce imagery. It was an absolute dream and we cannot wait for you loves to see her line launch in March 2017!  These pieces are meant for the classy travel woman, who is always on the go so we made sure to capture this essence in our photoshoots in the best way possible. We have shot at an airport hanger, around the bustling Union Station, the cityscapes of DTLA, the beautiful streets of Beverly Hills, and the urban background of Soho new York. We hope you enjoy the introduction of Cindy Karen as much as we do!

Kait & Kat

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