Argentous Kim

Hello lovely people! We at KaitKat Creative Content are beyond in love with Argentous Kim. Honestly these leather jackets speak for themselves as they are screaming FIERCE and FLY!  I think we can all agree that a leather jacket is a staple piece every guy and girl MUST have in their closet. Right?! These jackets are special and unique in every way possible. You will feel as good as you look in these leather beauties. Comfort and style? Sounds like the best combination to us!  Not to mention, the interior feels like actual butter, I mean... 

We were ecstatic to capture these leather pieces with our amazing models Sangyay [check her out here] and Johan [check him out here].  We focused on showing the stellar detail of these jackets and the versatility they allow in day to day adventures.... and our models WERKED it like no other! 

Kim Levin, founder and designer, truly has such a gifted eye for luxurious pieces for both women and men. Knowing first hand what a busy lifestyle entails for someone who is traveling and always on the move, these handcrafted leather pieces are inspired by just that. They are crafted to provide comfort but not at the expense of style. Needless to say we are thrilled and obsessed with Argentous Kim!

Kait & Kat 

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