5 Ways to Make Insta Story Ads a Game Changer for Your Brand!


When Instagram introduced the capabilities of Snapchat with Stories, there seemed to be a resounding SIGH from brands.“Not another platform to create content for and keep up with!!” Now that it has been on the scene for over a year now, we’ve all adjusted to the fact that the Instagram Stories feature is here to stay. Why, is it so important though? Well, that’s because the new era of social media optimizes video. In testing and researching, we have seen a progression on social platforms that aims to increase engagement and interaction with followers through real time video content.

So the question is… are you on the video trend wagon? Have you ever tested out the Insta Story feature? Maybe you’re thinking “this is too complicated”. Maybe you’re a little gun shy to appear on camera. Whether this is the first you’ve been introduced to it or you’ve used the feature consistently, there is always room for growth. From us lovers of all things video, today we come to you with the best tips to optimize your Instagram Stories and start truly connecting with your audience in a more personalized and meaningful way!


Now let’s get to optimization. What is that? Optimization is defined as the action of making the best or most effective use of a resource, which in this case is video content on social media. We want you guys to have the maximum output on Insta stories, so we are here to HELP you do that.

Post, and post a lot!

The key is to post, post, and...post some more! As a brand, you want to capture the interest of your followers, give them an exclusive peek into the world of your brand. Creating Instagram Stories will provide that intimate window to invite your audience into your process. This makes people feel involved in your brand’s journey, like you are speaking directly to them. Though you may have followers from around the world that you may not meet in person, Insta stories offers you an amazing way to connect with them personally. How cool is that? Wouldn’t you LOVE it if the crew from your favorite brand was keeping you up to date on their latest and greatest? We would!

The main fact is that you can actually build relationships and a personalized community through Insta-stories! We recommend posting consistently throughout the day, every day so your stories land in the top of your followers feeds, getting more views and creating more connection. Your overall algorithm will thank you, we promise.

Throw your aesthetic eye out the window!

You know how you’re always concerned about your Instagram feed being refined and pristine? While that’s true for your regular feed, the beautiful thing about Insta stories is that they DON’T have to be curated. You heard us! Insta-stories are the perfect way to overshare. Are you at an evening event with not the best lighting? Great, document it on stories! Are you not perfect camera ready but want to show some behind the scenes? That is the perfect time to try some story magic. Insta Stories can be spur of the moment snapshots of your brands world. Some perfect examples include behind-the-scenes clips, new products teases, fun events, or introductions of new team members.   

Make it fun and add some personality!

Now let’s get to the FUN stuff! Instagram Stories has many features that allow you to directly engage with your audience and create deeper connections. It also allows you to be playful and fun, which creates personality and character behind your brand.

Polls: We love this feature because it helps you get answers instantly! With the Insta Story poll feature, your audience can now simply vote on a poll for immediate feedback with the click of their finger.

Fun Additions: From stickers to face filters to time or temperature stamps, Stories enables you to personalize your message and be as specific as you’d like when relaying a message.

Text: Want to tell your audience visually what’s happening? Use text in Insta Stories to help spread your message in an even clearer manner!

Oh and guess what friends, we aren’t even done yet! Here are some more helpful tips when it comes to optimizing Stories:

  • Use your branded hashtag on a story so followers can easily click to see the photo log of your stories.

  • Tag locations of relevant places like a store, city, or event to get as much exposure as possible.

  • Showcase a giveaway happening in your feed and tag all collaborating brands. You’ll get real results in real time!

  • Engage your followers by running fun or interactive polls and use the results to help strategize (or just to create some fun entertainment)

  • Utilize the “Swipe Up” feature  to link to your own url to gain click throughs right to your site.

So what do you say? Are you ready to take the plunge and post frequently to Insta-stories? Today we want to encourage and empower you--you CAN do it! Take it a day at a time. With your busy schedule, work in posting at least once a day to say hello to your Insta fam. Once you start making it a habit, you will start getting used to incorporating it into your daily social routine and most importantly, start having FUN while doing it!  

Our last piece of advice: Don’t be shy! Your followers want to see you! They want to get to know the real you. The behind the scenes, behind the brand YOU so they can feel invited into your world and even more inspired to support your brand (hence making more purchases $$$) .

Now, get to work (and don’t forget to laugh a lot in the process)!

With so much rosé & all the confetti,

Kait & Kat 

Kait Kat