3 Tips for Instagram Success


As content creators doubling as social media mavens here at KaitKat, we get tons of questions about best practices for Instagram success. The concerns we hear of the most are (1) not having enough time to post and (2) not having enough content to post! If you are feeling the same way, we hear you and we’re here to help!

If, like us, you’re running your passion project, side hustle, or small company, chances are you are at maximum capacity. You are the master of wearing multiple hats to keep your business running smoothly, and understandably, posting on Instagram is not on top of your totem pole of to-dos. As beneficial of a marketing tool that the social sphere is, it can be challenging to consistently pump out and post original content to engage your social community when your corporate task list is endless. If you spend your days ghosting your business Instagram because there are just not enough hours in the day, let us help! We want to share a few tips that will change your Instagram game and will help you be strategic and efficient with your time to make your social media work for you instead of the other way around.

Let’s pause for a second. Breathe. Take a moment to process and accept that social media takes time. Repeat that to yourself! Social media takes time. The good news is that it does not have to be daunting! How, you ask?

1. Curate Content. While consistency is key, quality over quantity is equally important! Instagram is all about aesthetics which means producing high quality content to represent your brand is a non-negotiable. Here’s our hint for creating stellar content:

  • Create categories. Think creatively about how you could incorporate a variety of imagery into your feed--aka quotes, graphics, product photos, stock imagery, reposts, flat lays, videos, and more! By doing this, you won’t be favoring one image type so your content will be more interesting and diverse. Seeing the same thing constantly is boring, so play with your imagery!
  • Schedule photoshoots. Yes there is planning required, and yes it will be SO worth it. Planning a photoshoot means designating more of your precious time, but by doing so, you will actually save yourself time and headaches. First, create a moodboard board for inspiration. This could be as simple as creating a private board on Pinterest and grabbing photos that inspire the specific shoot concept. Next, focus on logistics such as hiring the photographer, scouting shoot locations, and collecting props. Then get to work! We have total faith that your end results will be amazing curated content that totally embodies your brand!
  • Enlist some help. Want to save a ton of time and effort and get the best of the best content for your brand? Well here’s a bonus tip: sometimes creating room in your budget is a game changer. This means bring in the professionals and let them work their magic! Trust us, here at KaitKat, we have plenty of magic to go around and we love sharing it by offering our specialized services of quality, stylized content that will take your social media to new heights. (Link to Social Media/Website)

2. Designate Time in Advance. We know, spare time is a scarcity in the entrepreneurial world. The good news is it doesn’t have to be hours upon hours of planning; strategize to designate a specific portion of your week to all things content. The trick is to bulk plan ahead so you don’t have to post plan the day of. We recommend getting at least 7 days ahead with your pre-plans so you can set to autopilot for the rest of the week and monitor accordingly. While many other responsibilities probably vie for your attention, our best tip here is to get organized and prioritize some time in your schedule to plan and develop content!

3. Use the Tools. Now that we’ve shared the power of pre-planning, let us help you use Instagram efficiently. As both Influencers and Business Owners, we have stumbled upon many apps that make content planning easy, like our personal faves UNUM or Planoly (link to both sites). These apps allow you to plan your feed (remember aesthetics), write your content (with your brand voice), and schedule posting times that are best for your brand. What’s even better is that they account for crazy busy schedules meaning that they notify you when it’s time to post! Gone are the days of scrambling last minute to find a picture and create a caption only to find out that it was a bad time to post. By managing all aspects of posting in one place, you will really see success in your social media strategy.

Intrigued? Skeptical? Well, we dare you to try it for a week! Social media is an enormously valuable, not to mention free, marketing tool that can be used to your advantage when approached strategically. The goal is to minimize stress and maximize your efforts to cultivate a loyal and engaged community of followers. We truly believe that implementing this process will not only contribute to your social media success, but will also increase sales and grow your brand.

Now go conquer that thing called Instagram! 



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