KaitKat Creative Content offers premium creative content for your brand at a fraction of the cost. Kait is a fashion influencer, professional luxury buyer, and social media guru with impeccable taste and an eye for style. Kat is a skilled fashion and beauty photographer, photo producer, and editing wizard with a keen eye for beauty in photography. Kait and Kat decided to join forces to unite their distinct skill set into a unique business model to bring you creative content that is both high quality and affordable.

Through KaitKait Creative Content, you will receive 90-100 high quality photos across 9-10 outfits for the main purposes of social media content. Why is this so important? Social Media branding helps to define a visual identity for your brand, guarantee social media post consistency, and grow your overall social media engagement and following. Should you use the imagery from KaitKat Creative Content for social media, you will have photos to last you up to 2 months on social media posting approximately 2 times a day. The imagery provided will have variety in styling for each outfit, a specific creative mood, and most importantly be professionally edited.